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Short biography

He was born on May 7, 1959 in the province of Mendoza, Argentina.


Graduate and Professor in Visual Arts at the Faculty of Arts and Design of the National University of Cuyo.

He receives numerous distinctions in his activity as an engraving, draftsman and painter.


At the age of 11 he obtained his first prize in a mural contest organized by the Business Chamber of Maipú, Mendoza.


Contemporary artist recognized nationally and internationally.

He has held numerous group and individual exhibitions since 1984 in different cultural spaces of the province, the country and the world.

He was a columnist for art and decoration magazines. Edited his own painting book  "of dreams and seas"  with a circulation of 7,000 copies for the IMPSAT collection.


He designed the light boxes in the  Grape harvest Festival  in its 2004 edition.


His artistic work has been presented in national and international private and state collections in   Argentina, Chile, Canada, China, France, Taiwan, Mexico, Spain, England and the United States.

He died on May 23, 2016 in the province of Mendoza, at the age of 57.


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